Terms of use
These terms define the use of the online store www.kal-tsa.gr of the company “TSIAHTSIRAS KOSTAS EE”, which is based in Thessaloniki, 82 Thessaloniki Street, Perea, 57 019, Greece and is legally represented, with VAT number. Μ. 998099981 at the Tax Office KALAMARIAS and G.E.M.I. 43414406000, with e-mail address [email protected] and telephone service line of the online store 2392039366, hereinafter the Company. Please read them carefully before entering the online store and browsing it, because they define your rights and obligations. Any further use and browsing requires that you have been informed and understand the operating conditions and implies the unconditional and full acceptance of the terms mentioned. conditions and your commitment to them, unconditionally, without exception. If you do not agree with them, you should not register and do not use the online store www.kal-tsa.gr.Please note that in order to use any function or service provided by the website www.kal-tsa.gr, You must first register as a user in the specific online store. The website is provided to you free of charge for your personal use, based on these terms and conditions of operation. All orders and purchases made on the website are also determined by the special terms “Ways Payment – Shipping – Product returns “. If you want more relevant information please click on “Payment Methods – Shipping – Product Returns” The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew these terms of use (“Terms of Use”, “Registration – Personal Data Security”), from time to time. You will be informed about these changes, additions or deletions either through the email address you provide in your registration, or through their announcement / posting in the online store. The changes will be implemented immediately after the relevant announcement / posting on the website, without prior notice. If you do not wish to accept the new terms you must stop using the online store. If you continue to use the online store after the date on which the changes take effect, your use of the online store constitutes your consent to be bound by the new terms and conditions of use. It would be good to refer to them and be informed systematically, because every time you use the online store www.kal-tsa.gr, it is subject to the terms currently in force, so you should make sure you know them in advance .
Registration – Security of personal data
In order to enjoy the services offered through www.kal-tsa.gr, one must register as a member or state the relevant information that will be requested (eg password, etc.), in case he is already a registered member. During your registration, you provide the Company with your personal information, which it archives. This is necessary to identify you as a registered user and potential customer, to process your order faster and smoother. A member can be either an individual, or a company with permanent residence or registered office, respectively, in Greece. have completed the eighteenth (18) year of age. Members agree that they understand Greek or English (literacy). Members certify that the details they provide us at the time of registration, but also at any time, complete and correct. We take no responsibility in case of granting and / or non-correction by a member of incorrect or invalid or invalid data. Members have the right to access the file with their personal data and the ability to check and / or any correction and / and wish to be informed, always through the online store www.kal-tsa.gr.Members have the obligation to immediately inform the website of any changes in the information they had submitted during their registration, updating their relevant personal information. It is their responsibility the validity, accuracy and completeness of the data at all times. on our website and other websites accessible from or linked to it. This file also contains information about your transactions and the method of payment you use. It may also contain information about your participation in sales promotions and competitions held from time to time by the Company.