Earn a return in EURO, with the Points Reward Program

What is a Point Rewards Program

  • It is the customer reward system of kal-tsa.gr, which provides you with an additional discount on your purchases.
  • To benefit from the use of points, you must be registered as a user at kal-tsa.gr.

How do I earn points?

  • Register at kal-tsa.gr and earn 150 points directly.
  • Complete an order and earn points corresponding to its value.

What is the value of the points in euros?

  • Every 300 points you earn is equivalent to a € 1.00 discount on subsequent orders.

How can I know how many points I earn from each order I complete?

  • You can see the points that correspond to the value of each product separately, on the product description page.
  • For instance, if the total value of the order you complete is € 50.00, then you earn 750 points, which correspond to a discount of € 2.50 for subsequent orders.

How do I redeem the points I have earned?

  • You can redeem the points you have earned, in any of your orders, without restrictions.
  • At the end of the order, at the stage of payment, activate the discount of the points you have earned.

How do I see the total points I have earned?

  • From the “My Points” option, you can see the total number of points you have earned.
  • You must be logged in to the account you created at kal-tsa.gr.